I love online learning! When I found out about Udemy.com, I was really excited. Udemy offers so many awesome courses on just any topic you can think about. I took a couple of the Udemy courses and learned a lot. Unfortunately, I discovered, that most of the courses miss the most important basic features of successful online courses.

Since I studied instructional design and techniques of online teaching, I have an idea of how to build a successful online course. Udemy is a great website with experienced staff to provide extraordinary customer service for their instructors, but they do not promote learning theories and strategies, multimedia principles, and graphic design for learning principles, which are all important in online education. Think about it. On Udemy, there are experts sharing their knowledge. Not every subject matter expert is also a strong teacher. It is very different to know a subject and to teach the subject. It is also very different to teach offline and online. There are “rules” that need to be followed so the course is successful, meaning that the students really learn what you want them to and they come back for your next course.

And that is why I created this blog. Here I will share what I discover during the Udemy courses evaluations. Within the next couple of weeks, I plan to sign up for as many Udemy courses as possible, free and paid. I will evaluate them to find out what the instructors can do better to help students learn the content effectively and efficiently. I created a Dream Udemy Course Rubric to help me along the way. Once I evaluate couple of the courses, I plan to create a course “How to enhance your Udemy course”. I will share my findings and explain how to improve your course to get even better reviews, word of mouth advertisement from your happy students, and many returning students for your next fabulous Udemy course. So, stay updated, sign up for updates from this blog so you don’t miss anything important!

If you want to have your course included in the evaluation research, you can contact me at mpacesova@gmail.com and I will add you to the wait list (which is getting longer and longer, so do not wait too long!). If you course is paid, I ask you to provide me with a coupon, so I can review it. If you do that, I will send you customized report about your course with specific areas where you can improve it. You will also get an invitation to my course in advance before I share it with the entire world!

So, let’s get started!


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