Reviewed Courses

On this page, I will share some of the courses I have reviewed. For some, I will write a short evaluation, while for others I will just post a link. I will also point out exceptionally done courses for your inspiration.

Life Coach Training

Create Money Making Courses

Learn How to Put on Your Own Webinar

LinkedIn Profile Best Practice

Foundations in Moodle for Educators

How to Turbocharge Your Business with a Blog

Affiliate Marketing For Noobs Budget - Save - Win. Simplify your financial life Facebook-Masters Course Everything you Need and Should Know How to Smartoutsource Your Virtual Assistant Mobile Marketing University by MCMoby SEO, RSS And Article Marketing Guru - Guru Secrets

What I liked so far when I was watching the courses:

  • the content is awesome and I can tell that these instructors are real experts in their subject
  • instructors are very enthusiastic when they create their courses
  • the courses are well planned
  • the audio and video is professionally done

What problems I’ve seen so far (I will collaborate on those in my future blog posts where I also explain how to overcome them):

  • instructors do not introduce themselves in the beginning of the course
  • the videos are too long
  • the audio volume differs from one lecture to another
  • instructors do not include quizzes
  • somebody used background music while he talked – big NO NO
  • talking-head videos instead of using graphics to support learning

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